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Remote Desktop Spy

Remote Desktop Spy is a very powerful surveillance tool
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Remote Desktop Spy is a very powerful surveillance tool. It allows you to keep tabs on what goes on your computer. It can keep a record of all the applications that run, the keyboard strokes within those applications, and it can also take screenshots of the computer activity at regular intervals.

The graphical user interface is dead simple. It shows a list of applications that are used while the application is running. Each entry shows a date, an application name, the duration and a summary of the keystrokes that were recorded. The application does a great job as it is very specific in its logs. It shows exactly what websites were visited when the web browser was used and it records all the keys pressed by the user. The fact that it lists the duration of each task making it easy to track computer usage.

A great feature is the ability to see Remote Desktop Spy's records in real-time from another computer. If the computer where you install this application has an Internet connection, you can spy it from anywhere in the world.

José Fernández
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  • It lists all activities and programs run, even duration of activity
  • It records keystrokes


  • You buy a subscription, not the program
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